Sunday, April 25, 2010

Face Masks that help get rid of blackheads? :o)?

I only have a few blackheads on my nose, chin and cheeks. And if I try to pop them, my face just gets all red...

So it can be a homemade or store bought face mask that helps get rid of blackheads.... Also if it could help with dry skin. (I use Pro Active, so it dries my skin up...)

Thankyou so much if you could help :]Face Masks that help get rid of blackheads? :o)?
lol this might be weird coming from a guy, but the BIORE self heating mask works great heats up when u massaging it on your face,and after it dries and you peel is your face gets very clean.and it has aloe vera so it keeps you moisturized too. Try it out!Face Masks that help get rid of blackheads? :o)?
I have good skin so i dont get pimples as much. like 1-5 every month. and they usually go away after a month. I just wash my face in the morning and night and i take a hot shower at night so my skin gets all dry especially on my face. So when i look in the mirror after i wash my face like the skins so dry it looks like its peeling. Eventually my face oils itself up, and the dryness look is gone. After 2 weeks the pimples seem to peel off slowly, and then its gone.

Never pop just leave it alone. Thats the best, get your hair out of your face. Dont touch your face with your hands. Keep clean. And dryness is the point of acne treatments. To dry out the pimple. Thats how it gets rid of them.

Why do u think hardcore guys use toothpaste to get rid of their pimples. Cause it dries it out...
pore strips work but they can get expensive. If you boil water in a pot, stick your head over it for about 5 minutes, the steam opens up the pores which makes it easier to get it out. Rub a dry wash cloth over the place where black heads are and you should see them start to roll of some. The best thing to do after is rub lemon juice- real lemon juice from a bottle, on your entire face. It tightens the face and makes the pores smaller. Do it every night to every other night, not too much or you'll dry out your skin. I haven't seen a black head in months!!
Biore (Be-Or-Ay) works really well.

Just paste 'em on, wait, peel 'em off.

I use them all the time - and, they're very inexpensive.
Clay masks work well! I used Proactive before and I had similar issues. I don't think their product exfoliates enough. You might want to try that more to help, too! Good luck!
biore strip for your nose and murad facewash from
das gross

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