Sunday, April 25, 2010

Help with zits and blackheads?

I have tried almost every product out there to try and get rid of zits and blackheads. Does anyone have any advice on getting rid of them...the zits aren't a big problem but the blackheads drive me crazy...any help?Help with zits and blackheads?
Try not to touch the affected areas during the day. This is to prevent germs from entering your skin and creating blackheads. Drink a lot of water and eat as healthily as you can. Wash your face twice a day if you have oily skin. If you have blackheads that you can see on the surface of your skin, you can use the rounded end of a bobby pin (hair pin) to press the blackheads out. Put the round end of the pin around the blackhead then press down and in towards the blackhead. Usually, it should pop right out. If it doesn't, wait for a couple days before trying again.Help with zits and blackheads?
You should probably go to the dermatologist and get medicine like I did. My acne has really gone down.

But if your looking for something to get rid of them at a lower cost, and you want to do it at home, here are some things...

When you get into some steam, get those blachead-poppers, and get the blackheads out. Another thing is you can wash your face with an oatmeal soap bar twice a day. Once before you go to bed, and once when you wake up.

Hope that helped.
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