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Once the blackheads and whiteheads r removed using scrub or blackhead strip,how to avoid getting there again?

I have read about black head removal in a website. I hope it will be useful for you.Once the blackheads and whiteheads r removed using scrub or blackhead strip,how to avoid getting there again?
I really don't know! I have been having the same problem as you for forever! And blackhead strips don't really work on me.Once the blackheads and whiteheads r removed using scrub or blackhead strip,how to avoid getting there again?
wash, keep clean
Never use that stuff on your face, tears the skin... Talk to a pro in that area. Get facials, they cure that, I do...
Wash with benzoyl peroxide liquid. To reduce the amount of bacteria that can cause acne, gently wash your face with a benzoyl peroxide cleanser or a mild salicylic acid liquid every morning, says Susan C. Taylor, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

If you also break out on your back and chest, use the liquid to wash these areas as well, says D'Anne Kleinsmith, MD, a staff dermatologist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Employ glycolic acid. Pat your face completely dry, then smooth on a gel, cream, or lotion containing 8 percent glycolic acid over your entire face, says Dr. Taylor. Available at drugstores under a variety of brand names, glycolic acid gels, creams, and lotions prevent the clogged pores characteristic of acne by preventing older cells from piling up on the skin and blocking pores. In addition, these products leave skin soft and smooth and may decrease discolorations and fine wrinkles.

Use a gel or a noncomedogenic (non-acne-forming) cream or lotion, says Dr. Kleinsmith. Add OTC medication. After a week, use medication containing benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria, says Dr. Kleinsmith. If your skin is either sensitive or dry, start with a 5 percent solution of benzoyl peroxide medication and dab it on problem areas after you've washed your face. If your skin is oily, start with a 10 percent solution and spread it over your entire face, except for the eyelids and area within an eyelash length of your eyes.

Use an oil-free moisturizer. Although many women who have acne will never need a moisturizer, says Dr. Kleinsmith, there is a small group of women who have oily skin only on their forehead and nose, while their cheeks and jaw are actually dry. These women should apply an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer to the dry areas of the face.

Look for oil-free makeup. If you wear makeup, use only oil-free products that are labeled ';noncomedogenic'; or ';non-acne-forming,'; so that they won't clog your pores, says Dr. Kleinsmith.
apply a face pack..dey cover d opn pores
Whoever said not to use those products because it tears your skin is incorrect.

In fact, using something to exfoliate is necessary to remove dead skin. In nearly all forms of facials, they use an exfoliant.

The best thing you can do is use something that prevents the bacteria that causes acne. Benzoyl Peroxide. You can get a wash from a dermatologist or even your primary care physician. Or you can get it store bought, but in a much smaller size and probably more expensive. I use the 5 percent Benzoyl Peroxide as a wash in the shower, and a 10 percent cream for spot treatment.

There really is no way to completely prevent blackheads or white heads. The pores become clogged by your body's natural oils and dirt from typical every day activities. The Benzoyl Peroxide is pretty much the best thing you can do to minimize it.
u can never get over them, even after u've removed them once....the things u can do are:

keep away from pollution

wash ur face with scrub face wash atleast 4-6 times in a day

never let ur skin become oily

scrub ur face gently after every week

donot use too much moisturisers, as they attract black heads..

cover ur face while u r out on the road
  • makeup skin
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