Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blackheads (How to conceal)?

OK Im a man and I got a few blackheads around the knose and upper cheeks. Its p*ssing me off. I want them gone or covered up. I have just learn a friend, thats a man friend uses make-up to cover those beasts.

Now a man using make up just feel a little gay, but ha I want them gone. So ladys got any tipsBlackheads (How to conceal)?
Don't put make-up on them cox the chances are might make it work, use a face wash (OXI, Clean and Clear, Clearasil) to help prevent black-heads.

Hope that Helps!Blackheads (How to conceal)?
Covering up blackheads is the worst thing you could possibly do.

They are blocked pours that have got bacteria caught in them so although rubbing greasy foundation over them will cover them in the short term, it will just make them worse.

Use tea tree oil on them. This stuff is amazing at getting rid of spots and blackheads.
i had blackheads when i was at school..

the only and best way to get rid of them is to pick them.. i know it sounds horrible but it's the best way..

use your fingers like if you where picking a spot. and it just comes out like a tiny black thing.. It will leave a like hole,,depending on how big it is. but it will be gone, and no one won't see it..

Best way trust me..

It will hurt but it will go straight away..
Biore Strips ....I am a man and have used these. They are like dry piece of tape. Wet it and plaster it ...say across your nose. Let it dry and peel it off and whammo the blackheads stick to the tape and come out.

This is an ongoing regimen because you continue to fill your pores with that crappy oily stuff that turns into blackheads
yea dont cover them up because a blackhead is dirt in your open pores - clean them using strips or cleanser. You can get pore minimising lotion which can help reduce the size of your pores and then the blackheads may not appear so regularly. Keep cleaning that face of yours!
Well if you put stuff on top of them they will just get worse. Trust me. But if you are determined to get rid use a dark foundation and just dab it on top of the blackheads.
Use biore strips.

Cleanse , Tone And Moisturise!!

Use A Mans Face Mask Once A Week!!

Have Fun LOL
I bleach mine sometimes. Just get a facial bleach (Boots) %26amp; leave the bleach on for a few minutes!
clearsil works miracles
Use the right spray from chemist and they will disappear for ever !!!
Try ducktape
Just pick them off - i do!!

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