Friday, January 8, 2010

Is glue a remedy for blackheads?

No, blackheads are actually mostly beneath the surface of the skin. they are inflamed oil glands in the skin. so no you can not rip out the entire oil gland, you need to treat the real problem which is inflammation in your skin.Is glue a remedy for blackheads?
No, No and No. you never want to use glue on your skin. It could tear leaving an even nastier Scar. Be sure that what your looking at are blackheads first. Someimes People ge blackheads confused with tiny pores that are clogged or places where there are hair Folicles.

Over the counter stuff never works. go see a dermatoligist. that is the best way to help those pesky things.

Glue,Popping or pulling the blackhead could cause scarring or a bacterial Infection.

The best way, Is the professional way.Is glue a remedy for blackheads?
no, glue is a product to stick things together.
YEs use lots of it!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah but you have to spread it all over your face...

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