Friday, January 8, 2010

How can i get rid of my blackheads?

Okay,i'm going back to school in setember.I have som much blackheads around my nose and my cheeks.i have an oily nose and my cheeks are a little can i clear this up?i need a face scrub,toner,and a face moisturizer.and i also have an uneven skin tone.How can i get rid of my blackheads?
yeah .. i have blackheads too , but after i found the exact facial thingy whatever that suit me , it did help

it was Biore .. why dont u try using biore ?

i use the scrub (it was pink), facial wash (it was blue) and thats all i use

altho theres these kinda mask stuff they sell at the pharmacy which can help pull them out .. try using them

owh i dont use toner n face moisturizer coz i .. lol .. i dunno , i just dont want to ..

about the uneven skin tone ? im not really sure about that , but maybe try drinking lots more water evrydayHow can i get rid of my blackheads?
how about pop them? also you could use this thing called ';morning burst'; its awesome. i havent seen one pimple or whatever on my face since i started useing it.
Just try washing your face with soap and water .. you can also get 'clean and clear blackhead cleasner ' which is good

Try toothpaste. Start washing ur face everynight-that should do it...Neutrogena Wave......Cleaan %26amp;
get neutrogenas oil free acne daily scrub.

the oil on my face has gon down SO much

use the sure u've seen the comercials

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