Friday, January 8, 2010

Blackheads, ways to get rid of them?

any good ways to get rid of blackheads on your nose? good products to get rid of them?Blackheads, ways to get rid of them?
i know!! seriously!! I just realized them today, and they're f*****ing UGLY!!! ewwwww.. lol

oh and btw, acne, means that your liver works 20% worse than ppl's who don't get acne! :)

so i guess I have a bad liverBlackheads, ways to get rid of them?
I have told my 2 sons what I would buy abd they have used it for years, but they do not have to use it anymore as their acne,blackheads and pimples all disappeared in a matter of weeks, as long as you apply it to the affected area 3 times perday, it is called /Clearaseal you can get it in two colors, clear and tinted based
Blackheads get their dark colour through excess skin pigment, not dirt …apply tomato juice it reduces pores and for blackheads try this home remedy it works for me…

what i did to get rid of my blackheads and acne were to use Oxy facial products and Dove Facial Cleaning Cloths, those really work good
not sure about this but tie thin string around it really tightly until it falls off
Face wash *****.
biore nose strips

and sqeezing them out

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