Friday, January 8, 2010

Blackheads! ugh! wats da best product to get rid of them?

i hate blackheads n i get them! whats the best product or home product to get rid of them??

thank you!Blackheads! ugh! wats da best product to get rid of them?
Microdermabrasion. It takes the top layer of your skin off to reveal smoother skin that is easier to clean...then make sure you wash twice daily with a good cleanserBlackheads! ugh! wats da best product to get rid of them?
I had them on my nose, like really badly, until I started using these products:

-Bior'e Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser. It smells amazing and it's like a gentle exfoliating cleanser. It because warm when it comes into contact with your skin, which opens your pores. I like to use it in the shower, it feels amazing on your skin.鈥?/a>

-Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser. Its battery operated, and there's a velcrow on the top where you place a cleansing pad. The pad is loaded with cleanser, and the little scrubber vibrates so together it exfoliates your blackheads away. It really does work. I love it.鈥?/a>


-Proactiv. This is the real sure fire way to get rid of blackheads. The products above work well, but the results don't last like they do with Proactiv. Take my word for it.

Good luck!
You can microderm it, but it's a little pricey.

I use a sugar or dead sea salt scrub and the refining mask from Proactiv.

At night, I apply the mask on trouble spots (over the nose, chin, and parts of the cheeks), and in the morning I scrub it with warm water and ';seal'; with cold to close the pores.

When I shower, I wash my face with a dead sea mud mask bar. My boyfriend's aunt makes it, it's from Fresh Body Market and is called Mud Masquerade.鈥?/a>
Biore has some stuff.

Also look for neutrogena (sorry 4 the spelling)

And olay.

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