Friday, January 8, 2010

Blackheads, im 15 and i have them on my nose and chin :(?

will they go on their own? i feel so ugly with them please someone tell me what i can do to make them go away. do they come from makeup or something?Blackheads, im 15 and i have them on my nose and chin :(?
Nope...won't go away on their own easily. You're having hormone changes and some ';what you eat'; things going on. They now have plenty of over-the-counter acne/blackhead things to use that work WONDERS now at WalMart/Walgreens/pharmacist/everywhere! Clearsil and others. We didn't use to have a lot of these things to get us through teenage days like to totally cool cures they have now! All kinds of things that do the trick now! Also, can do it/make it worse, especially if left on overnight! Need to clean it off before bedtime. Need an astringent, too! Good luck! Know you'll make it to 18/21! If it gets really bad, you need to see a dematologist.Blackheads, im 15 and i have them on my nose and chin :(?
Try the clean and clear blackhead eraser it works amazingly!!! Its like 20$ for the starter kit at wal-mart

Hope I helped I hate BLACKHEADS they suck!
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