Friday, January 8, 2010

Ingrown hairs and blackheads?

more often than not, when i extract a blackhead, it has a long, ingrown hair wrapped around it. this has nothing to do with shaving (i don't shave my face). i have a lot of clogged pores on my face and i wonder if this is just because of ingrown facial hairs. does this happen to anyone else? is this some kind of condition? why aren't my hairs coming out like they're supposed to?Ingrown hairs and blackheads?
Oh, Mary, you must be my sister. Some of us have skin that constantly has pores that fill with sebum (white stuff). What has helped me a lot is to exfoliate the thin top layer of skin with something like an apricot scrub (ground up shells), or a fibrous pad I find in drug stores (white), Dollar stores have face exfoliants, too. I got some there.

You can Gently scrub your face with sea salt or regular salt (which dissolves too fast for me). Sea salt is larger. Warm face first with wet, very warm washcloth.

Use exfoliant regularly. Once a week to start and see those ingrowns stop. It also helps with the clogged pores. Regular use will get lots of pores to shrink.

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